Hospital Gamers

The Mission

Fellow Hospiteers, from the age of 12 I have wanted to give back to the children’s wards within the NHS as I received nothing but immaculate care and kindness while I was living in hospital.  So far, our mission has raised just under £500, for every £230 we have donated towards our fundraiser we can donate all the items in the picture to the left (Nintendo Switch console, one game, one carry case and one cover case).

Our main mission is being able to supply children’s wards with accessible equipment that allows games to be played without the use of hands, giving children with more advanced physical and mental disadvantages the ability to join in on hospital ward gaming.

With that being said, I have bigger ideas to help the kids not feel so alone within the hospital wards by bringing a little bit of virtual socialization within the hospital walls but this mission will be assigned in due time.

For our mission to be successful, we need your support! Be that through donations, setting up your own fundraising event in aid of our cause or simply just showing your friends the goals that we can achieve together. 

If you would like to offer help you can contact me on or Visit the Facebook page here and send a message through there.

We’ve got this Hospiteers!