Hospital Gamers

About Us

Hi, I’m Eamonn.

Due to unfortunate circumstances with my leg, I spent a lot of my teenage life in children’s hospitals. I remember being in a private room for almost a year with two dvds, a walkman and a deck of cards to keep me entertained (if anything, at least it prepped me for lockdown lol).
When I eventually moved to another ward there was a playstation two with a couple games. This completely changed everything for me. Everyday I woke up looking forward to my 60 minutes with the TV and it even helped me bond with the other children in the ward who also liked playing games.
Gaming is so much more than looking at a screen and pressing buttons. It’s an escape from reality and I believe these children could benefit from that.
To get things started, I’ve set a goal for £250 to supply a children’s ward with a Nintendo switch and a game. None of the funds will be profitable to me at all and I’ll be trying different things to help raise the money, I’ll keep you updated on that.
So please help me help these children escape for 60 minutes a day, every little helps ❤️.
Future goal, supply a childrens hospital with new fully accessible technology that allows children with advanced physical disabilities to control games on an Xbox without a controller. YES! That technology does exist and it’s amazing
If a donation is unaffordable for you which is completely understandable at the moment, you can still share this post, or follow us on social media to help!