Hospital Gamers

Donating Games for

sick Kids

Hello Hospiteer, if you’re here then you’re more than likely thinking about making a donation, but I understand it is a hard time at the moment and as much as cash donations help with our mission, there are other ways you can help with games for kids’ charity.

You can donate your old Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One consoles and games to us or we can contact your local hospital and find out if they will be happy to accept your donation. Because this cause is for children’s wards, all games donated must be age rated 15 or below. If you would like to make a donation of new physical games for kids’ charity instead of donating funds, you can visit the Amazon wish list we have set up here. 

Any item purchased will be delivered right to me and then donated to the hospital we are raising funds for at that time.If you work on a children’s ward and you would like to contact me to advise of which games, you already have or suggest your ward for a donation then please email me on (Hospiteers can also contact me and suggest a children’s ward). Donating your old games for kids’ charity is not just a useful way of clearing some space, because for the children it is an escape for 60 minutes a day and it changes the world they’re living for a brief moment.  If you would like to support our cause in any way at all other than what is available to do online, then please get in touch.  Every bit of supported is appreciated equally. #HelpMeSwitchKids