Hospital Gamers

About eamonn

Hello, my name’s Eamonn, I’m 28, I’m from Belfast but live in England now. 17 years ago I fell and cut my knee, I cried like a baby and only really scratched it on the floor enough for a little bit of blood to pop out.
For a while after that though I couldn’t seem to go a day without falling over on my ankle? But I was 11 and everyone was playing with Beyblades so I forgot about it quickly.
Two months later I’m in the back of an Ambulance being rushed from one hospital to another with what was suspected as meningitis due to the spots that were appearing on me like a dot to dot. My mum has told me since that I thought I was in the back of a Belfast police van getting bricks thrown at us (lol).
Turns out the ankle tripping, hallucinations and dot to dots were due to osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone that was getting into my blood. I can’t remember the first 6 months of being in hospital but after that I must have been in for a further year. This has carried on and caused further issues that I’ll not get into.
I’m telling you this because I didn’t just visit my cousin in hospital one day and had an Idea, I know how boring hospitals are after practically living in one and I even went to hospital school! Who knew it could get worse?
At the moment, I’ve got a gofundme page running also but I wanted to also try this out. I’ve been raising funds to purchase and donate a Nintendo Switch Lite plus games and accessories to children’s wards. I’ve got a Facebook page “Hospital Gamers” also set up for updates. If you have a look you’ll see that we have just donated the first Nintendo Switch to Northampton General Hospital Children’s wards Paddington and Disney.
Any donations at all helps and if its not affordable then feel free to head on over to the Hospital Gamers page and give a like to see future updates and events.
If you’ve made it this far, thank you