About Hospital Gamers

Hospital Gamers is a fundraiser set up by Eamonn Atherton to help raise funds to supply local children’s hospitals with video games and hand held consoles.
Check out the video above or have a read of our blog to find out more about Eamonn, his reasons for setting up the sponsorship and future aims.
Let’s help children escape hospital through gaming.

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Donating Games for Kids Charity

Hospital GamersDonating Games for sick KidsHello Hospiteer, if you’re here then you’re more than likely thinking about making a donation, but I understand it is a hard time at the moment and as much as cash donations help with our mission, there are other ways you can...

The Mission

Hospital GamersThe Mission Fellow Hospiteers, from the age of 12 I have wanted to give back to the children’s wards within the NHS as I received nothing but immaculate care and kindness while I was living in hospital.  So far, our mission has raised just under £500,...

About Eamonn

Hospital GamersAbout eamonn Hello, my name's Eamonn, I'm 28, I'm from Belfast but live in England now. 17 years ago I fell and cut my knee, I cried like a baby and only really scratched it on the floor enough for a little bit of blood to pop out. For a while after...

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